Deep Thoughts from a Shallow Well Part 2

Wednesday, January 6, 2010. The Momma had a tough day yesterday so I snapped into "Therapist Leroy" mode and set out to improve her mental health.

As soon as she got home she took me and my brother Fred for a long walk. I was very careful not to make poopy while we were out. When we got home she went to change clothes. While she was changing, I went into the kitchen a laid a stinker. Worked like a charm! It took her mind completely off of her bad day. Maybe it was too much poopy. Maybe it was too stinky. Something went terribly wrong with my plan. Sure she wasn't thinking about her bad day anymore but...she was REALLY mad at me.

After she picked up the poopy and cleaned the floor she went in the living room and sat down on the couch. I jumped up beside her, made a pathetic face and barfed.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Who could stay angry with a sick puppy? The Momma forgot about her bad day AND the fact that she was ever angry with me.

Good work, Therapist Leroy. That will be $150 please.

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