Charles Isaac Brown

Charles Isaac "Charlie" Brown was born in 1990 in South Carolina. He spent the first 10 years of his life there with a 'human' who neglected him on his best days and abused him on his worst days. At the age of 10 he moved to San Antonio (and later to Fort Worth and Albuquerque) where he worked as a super hero. He didn't have a cape and he couldn't fly but for the price of a cup of kibble a day and the chance to sleep in the big bed he taught wise life lessons to a hard- hearted woman most people would have given up on.

With the scars on his body he taught her that even though you treat them with love and loyalty some people will lash out at you. With his soft breath as he slept cuddled up tight to her he taught her that even though some people will hurt you-you should always give the next person a chance. Love is out there if you are willing to keep looking for it. By tearing a piece off of every toy he ever got and giving it to his younger brother Fred he taught her that the best thing about having good 'stuff' is sharing it. With his peculiar little bark in the middle of the night he taught her that it's OK to ask for what you need in life. With his less than intimidating growl when Leroy would become annoying he taught her that you have to set your own boundaries in life or people will take advantage of you.

Charlie died peacefully Thursday, February 21st at his Auntie Tricia's office. He had a full tummy, a new toy, and died while being petted by two of his favorite up-right walkers.

He is survived by The Momma and his brothers Fred and Leroy.

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