So Long Old Friend

Rest in Peace
Charles Isaac Brown
October 2, 1990-February 21, 2008


Vigil said...

Ms. B,

We are so sorry to hear about your Charles Isaac Brown...

We're thinking of you and your very special love for your pets.

Take care,
-Al & Linda V.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Catahoulagirl said...

I saw this poem and thought of you and "Sir" Charles Isaace Brown.

If you've ever known the joyful sound
Of barks that fill the air-
A sloppy kiss, a friendly paw,
A quiet adoring stare-
If you've ever had a special friend
To share a tear or two,
Or maybe just a wagging tail
To lift you when you're blue-
If you've ever felt the wrenching pain
That only death can send,
Then you have lost
Not just a dog-
You've truly lost a friend.
But God is good and treasures love
And there at Heaven's gate-
A sloppy kiss, a joyful bark-
Your precious friend awaits.

Love and Prayers,
Former Pastor Karen (aka Your Late Night Doggy Friend), Hondo, Quihi and of course your fave, Chula.